Liberty in North Korea


Ashland High School, ASHLAND, Ore.( – Masses of people wander about, doing menial chores devoid of meaning. These people’s lives will probably never amount to anything. Living daily in the ideological denouncement of formal, bureaucratic oppression, these people do not even have the most basic natural rights most people in the world cannot picture living without.

Since the Korea war’s end in 1953, and under three administrations (The legendary Kim Jong Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un), Korean citizens have lived in a compromised state. The conditions are so bad that every year thousands of refugees flee across the Yalu River into China (currently there are about 50,000 refugees).

That is the exact reason the Global Citizen Corps club is hosting a documentary about these atrocities.  On Saturday, April 28, at 2:00 P.M., the LiNK documentary, “The People’s Crisis,” will be shown in the IVC center.

There will also be many extra-credit opportunities during the meeting and food galore. All students interested in the crisis or wanting to help should attend.

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Erin Keoppen, President of the Ashland High School GCC Club, and The North Korean Crisis organization contributed to this report.