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Ari Crews, Editor

Ari Crews fosters a bright voice, love for their family, and a goofy personality that emanates joy. Originally from the Portland/Beaverton area, Ari gradually moved south, until they landed in Ashland--largely to attend the schools here. A 16 year old junior, Ari loves the freedom and size of AHS. Their goal throughout high school is to experience as many different classes as possible and hopefully find the area they will pursue in college. An avid singer, Ari expressed distaste for turning their craft into anything more than a beautifully fun hobby. When explaining, Ari stated that they had experienced singing being made into something competitive when in choir, and that it immediately turned them off to the art. In order to preserve their love, Ari decided to keep singing as a hobby--that’s what brings them joy.

Ari has been involved in the arts throughout their life, and was raised surrounded by instruments and song--Ari indubitably inherited this familial love for music. “Ever since I could start talking, I was singing more often than not”. Ari also cultivates a talent for playing Ukulele, and a vibrant love for reptiles. With 2 snakes, 3 cats, and 4 dogs between households, they are a huge animal lover in general. Ari’s care for animals parallels their care for family. They described how when their dad comes back from a long shift at Asante, they do their best to create laughter, love, and joy within the household to welcome him. Ari also strives to set an example for their younger 3 sisters. They express their weird and goofy side to make their sisters laugh, and perpetuate a positive and comical mood.

Ari is a force to be reckoned with. They hold an (almost) blackbelt in Karate, and have participated in the martial arts for years, but had to stop with the arrival of COVID. Ari hopes to come back to Karate--or even try out some other styles--once the pandemic calms down.

Ari holds deep love within--whether it is for animals, music, or family. Their love and care extends even further; they feel despair when thinking about our world’s future. Ari explained that it is horrible to see the abundance of transphobia and homophobia, along with all the people and politicians in denial of the scope of climate change. However, Ari says that they also experience all the great movements that are happening and appreciate the change that is being made.

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Ari Crews