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Asriel Maycann, a junior here at Ashland, is dedicated to building and strengthening community which makes him a wonderful addition to the Rogue News staff. Asriel was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and moved here to Oregon in the 6th grade. Now in his 6th year here he wanted to be involved in Rogue News for the first time. He felt it would make a difference to be a student with a voice here on campus. It is important to make an impact. This is why he is heavily involved in local politics and advocating for climate action. Asriel joined the climate action club here at Ashland High school late last year. He has been working with the Group Youth Advisory Council since March which he found through the High Schools ‘Grizz-o-Gram’. He helps run environmental events, plan student-led concerts for awareness, and push sustainable action such as his and the advisory council's current goal of trying to divert wasted water and use it to irrigate parks.


Asriel is hoping to move to Australia in a few years to pursue filmmaking. He has always been interested in film and the process of making one. Asriel used to believe he wanted to be a film critic but thought it would be more enjoyable to implement into his own production what he would otherwise criticize. Asriel's favorite film is ‘Interview of the Vampire’ directed by Neil Jordan. Vampires are one of his favorite things.

Asriel is looking forward to this year in Rogue News as a pathway to achieving his full potential.

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Asriel Maycann