Humanity Crumbling

December 13, 2018

Art by Charlotte Julian

I feel humanity crumble in the palms of my hands, and I wonder what the gunshot must have sounded like as it bounced between the Synagogue walls

I wonder what the moments between “All Jews must die!” and the first body hitting the ground must have looked like

I wonder how the 60 minutes – one Excruciating Hour – spent with the gunman in the room and the lifeless bodies of senior citizens bleeding out beneath the stained glass windows must have felt

I wonder if we’ll ever know the pain

The ear deafening splice

The red stained carpet

The stillness of the aftermath

The very last words and thoughts and Prayers of a Peaceful People

I wonder how many bodies will line the road between murder and heaven

Or how many shootings it will take before they fail to make the headlines of the daily news

I wonder if I will ever feel safe in this body

Or if I’ll spend my adulthood taking my son’s Yarmulke off before he leaves for school

When will we decide to preach peace and teach love?

When will the news of 11 deaths hit us as hard as the bullet hit the innocent victims?

We deserve to live.

I feel humanity crumble in the palms of my hands, and I wonder if you feel it, too.

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