When Did You Find Out?

Art by Alex Brehmer

January 4, 2019

Jack Murphy


“3 times in a row on Christmas Eve my Grandpa, my uncle, and my dad all took me aside and said ‘hey I have something really important to tell you: Santa Claus isn’t real, Jack.’” (Learned about Santa at age 6)


Charlie Burr


“I figured out Santa wasn’t real about the same time I realized God wasn’t real.” (Learned about Santa at age 6)




Ariel Hernandez


“My mom still thinks I believe in Santa.” (Learned about Santa at age 7)




Julia Ferguson


“My mom kinda just told me like ‘hey, you know how Santa isn’t real, right…?’ She thought I already knew. I was devastated!” (Learned about Santa at age 8)



Talia Aazami


“I broke the iPad for Christmas and my mom made me come with her to the store she bought it at to get it fixed.” (Learned about Santa at age 9)