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A Summer's Day

January 17, 2019



December 20th 2017

5:17a.m. The water was warm, even before the sun had peaked over the horizon. We paddled out over the rolling waves as the first orange rays were painted across the sky. Gliding through the water, I feel free and awake.

6:58a.m. After spending the morning surfing and barreling through waves on the Kayak, we headed back to mine [my house] for breakfast. The 4 of us ate enough to feed an entire village, then went next door to Aaron’s. We all live within a few blocks of each other, constantly together. We are a family, small and dysfunctional.

7:45a.m. It was the summer holidays and we intended to spend every moment creating memories. We skated up the road to Bodhi’s house. I felt a sense of comfort, skating alongside Aaron, Orlando and Seb, all tall athletic blokes. We jumped into Bodhi’s hot tub, ate dragon fruit and blasted music as the sun rose slowly in the sky.

9:39 a.m. The fresh ocean breeze is the only thing making the summer heat bearable. We head back down to the beach, meeting a group of our friends. Diving through the crisp, blue waves, I feel complete bliss. We spent the rest of the morning lying in the sun, eating watermelon.

12:13p.m. We drove to Brunswick Heads and spent the rest of the afternoon jumping into the river off the bridge, splashing around on the beach. After meeting up with a big group of our friends, we got hot chips and ice cream, then went back to Bella’s house and watched movies.

6:03p.m. We climbed onto the roof with blankets, snacks and big cups of chai, watching the sun set over the ocean. Looking around at my friends, I couldn’t help but smile. I wished that moment would never end.

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