A Guide to Aussie Slang

January 17, 2019

Arvo: Afternoon, “I’ll see you this arvo mate.” 

Dag: A goofy, unsual and/or untidy looking person. 

Bogan: The most Australian person you could think of, or a “redneck.” 

Bloke: A man, usually looks quite Austalian/masculine, “That’s a nice lookin bloke.” 

Heaps: A lot of/many, “There’s heaps of flies, aye mate.” “The surf ’s heaps good today.” 

Jumper: A sweater or pullover. 

Rug up: The act of putting on warm clothes and/or wrapping yourself in blankets. 

Spunk: Having courage and determination or dressing in an unusual, funky way, “That mates got spunk.” 

Ta: Thank you, usually said when something is passed to you. 

Take a sickie: Taking a day off work or school. 

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