Australian Staples

January 17, 2019

Vegemite is a thick black paste made from brewers yeast extract, various vegetables and spices. It has a very salty taste and can sometimes be overpowering. It is best eaten with bread and butter and is usually thinly spread on top although some Australians really enjoy the intense salty flavour and add thicker layers depending on the acquired taste. Vegemite is a staple in our diets and is the Australian PB&J. 


Fairy bread or unicorn toast is a classic Australian treat. It consists of sliced white bread, a layer of butter or margarine and colourful rainbow sprinkles, speckled on top. It is typically cut into two triangles and is served at birthday parties or as an afternoon snack. 


Weet-bix is a common staple breakfast cereal in Australia. It is made from whole grain wheat which is ground up and turned into a flakey biscuit. You usually eat them with milk, banana and a drizzle of honey. 


TimTams are two biscuits with a choccy cream filling and then covered in a thin choccy layer. The biscuits taste a lot like a graham cracker and has a very crunchy then soft consistency. A lot of Australian kids will have them for morning tea at school. 

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