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Abby Wileman, Writer

   When asked why she decided to join Rogue News Abby replied with zero hesitation, “ Graphic Design. It’s my passion.” At the end of her 8th grade, Abby’s year was cut short and she went on to online school. Then she began exploring Graphic Design. She started using Adobe Fresco and slowly began to expand her ability, using the many different brush strokes and applications it has to offer. From designing tattoos to abstract pieces, Abby has done it all. “It’s kind of an outlet for me”, Abby says. She finds joy in creating beautiful pieces that combine contrary objects and oddities. For instance, a fish swimming around in a lightbulb or a sun filling up with water. 

As far as the rest of school goes, Abby was not thrilled at the idea of high school. Having graduated her eighth-grade year online she was filled with anticipation for her sophomore year to begin in person. But she found comfort in the fact, her brother would be her math teacher this fall. Her older brother, Mr. Wileman, has always been a positive influence on Abby and the thought of him being here a school with her calmed some of her first day jitters. 

So far this year Abby has been pleasantly surprised that school wasn’t as bad as she thought and hopes that her year will continue to surprise her.

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Abby Wileman