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Ananda O'Neill, Designer

Ananda O'Neill is a junior at Ashland high school and an outstanding student during his time here. He strives for all A’s year after year and does very well at it. He did in fact partake in online school and said he wasn’t very fond of it compared to the average day of “normal” school. He’s lived here in Ashland almost his entire life, before the age of 5 he lived in the small-town of Ojai, California. After taking culinary class he’s found out that he enjoys cooking and baking in his free time. On top of that he really enjoys running, therefore his joy to join the track team during the spring. He’s very anxious for the upcoming season after coming off an injury last year. Another hobby he is picking up this year is learning how to play guitar after enrolling in a class. Ananda is always a fun, nice, and caring guy to be around. He always has a smile on his face during class and is great at participating no matter the topic. Something he and his sister took up when they were younger was dyeing their hair different colors. He’s had blue, purple, and blonde hair. Currently he has his hair brown, which is his natural color, he has also been growing it out since 8th grade. Even though it’s a pain, him and his hair is a love hate relationship I would say. He’s a great student and all around a great human being, his role in Rouge news is editing the format of the paper and laying it all out so it looks smooth as silk. 

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Ananda O'Neill