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Asa Cope, Writer

Asa Cope, self-proclaimed pianist, novice sketch artist, and son of the head of Rogue News. Nepotism? We’ll neither confirm nor deny. From doodling in his free time, to playing percussion for the AHS Band, Asa is what some might call an enthusiast of the arts and adventure. A trait that seems to run in his family, from a musical grandfather to an archeologist-pianist grandmother.

But this isn’t about Asa’s familial roots, as intriguing as they are. Asa is your man, with absolutely no plan but a wonderful addition to the Rogue News clan - and we are more than thrilled to have him on board. Artist, musician, and - dare we say - talented and bright eyed individual. Asa and the rest of the Rogue News team are gonna get along like a house on fire, let’s just hope that’s not in a dangerous way.

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Asa Cope