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Daisy Barnard, Writer

Daisy Barnard is a 16 year old junior at Ashland High School. She joined Rogue News under the polite influence of Jamie Hirsh. Her birthday is April 14th and she has lived in Ashland her whole life and went to Bellview Elementary and Ashland Middle School before AHS. Daisy’s favorite class so far is AP Literature, taught by Shane Abrams. She said she enjoyed the environment of the classroom and the concept of the subject as well as it being, “a very comfortable class to be in.” Daisy is also a third degree black belt in Karate and has been taking it for eleven years. She is currently working towards the Olympic Circuit and is training for the October 9th USA Open Tournament.

When asked what her favorite color was she listed a few like blue, purple, red, green and yellow, bringing up how her and her siblings, Pepper (13) and June (11), have assigned colors for their camping gear, her’s was yellow. Daisy enjoys listening to artists like Billie Eilish, Gorillaz, Clairo, The Strokes, Feist, David Bowie, The Beatles and Queen to name a few. In the media category, Daisy also enjoys “really trashy reality tv shows,” such as Love Island or Too Hot to Handle. Of course she also enjoys shows like Netflix originals: I Am Not Ok With This and Everything Sucks, both shows were unfortunately canceled after one season. Daisy’s family has several pets including: a cat named Edith, frog named Hopey, Lizard named Warno and some possibly dead stickbugs. When asked if she wanted another pet she mentioned how she wanted a ball python when she was younger, but then said she would like to have a cat that loves her since her current cat, Edith, pays her no mind. Daisy is a great writer and we are excited to have her on Rogue News this year.

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Daisy Barnard