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Getting to know Devi is very amusing, from the random questions to the hilarious stories. Devi has the guts to do things others might shy away from. One of the craziest things he has done was jumping off the cove with his friends. Devi did admit he was about to back out, but he jumpedDevi is also often the class comedian. In 7th or 8th grade, Devi got on to his teacher’s computer and translated a not so very appropriate sentence for a school setting into different languages. By the time the teacher walked in, he translated the sentence into English and cranked up the volume on the speakers.  

Devi is a very friendly guy and he cherishes his friendships. But being nice and hanging out with his friends is not the only thing Devi likes to do. He enjoys working out, watching tv (preferably The Boys) and eating some fruit. Like most people from this little town, Ashland is Devi’s hometown, but not where he was born. That was in Bakersfield. He also enjoys pasta, but not just any kind: Angel hair pasta with tomato sauce. Another last fun fact I about Devi is that this year for Halloween he is going as a banana.  

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