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Grayling Hampton is a Junior at AHS and a new member of rogue news this year. Grayling's parents raised them with a love for music. Their mother working as a professional musician, and their father singing as a hobby. This caused them to experiment with many instruments and become proficient in several. Grayling's favorite instrument to play is the baritone ukulele, as it combines the sound of a guitar with the feel and size of a ukulele. Grayling also enjoys playing video games. Their personal favorite genre is horror games, as well as story based games. They have recently played through the little nightmares series and enjoyed it immensely. They have a particular fear of submerged man made objects, and games that incorporate that are much scarier to them. Grayling is an avid writer and artist, tending to use a more cartoony style in most of their work. Their biggest role model is their dad, who owns a small business specializing in tech. Their dad has taught them a lot about his craft, and they aspire to someday follow in his footsteps.

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Grayling Hampton