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Luke Seeley, Writer

Luke Seely is a Senior at Ashland high school. He is a high academic achiever, whose hard work and dedication earned him a shining 4.0. On top of this, Luke is now the captain of the cross country team, rewarding his several years of participation throughout middle and high school. While long-distance running is a less flashy sport than most, Luke finds it to be fun and enjoys the benefits it can give, such as a stronger cardiovascular system as well as overall health.

Despite his many achievements, Luke’s interests are not limited to just academic and athletic activities, however, as he is an avid sci-fi fan. Luke has a special love for star wars, due to his family’s adoration of the series, even naming him after the iconic protagonist of the first 3 films, Luke Skywalker. Another tribute to this is his stunningly well-developed custom 3D costume printing business, focused around the famous series. Luke prints, sands, and paints custom star wars costume pieces to order on Etsy, where he has over 30 glowing 5-star reviews, with not a single 4 star or below. Luke’s pieces have gained recognition from the Star Wars prop community, with several people recommending him to other hobbyists on sites like Reddit. His dedication to detail is staggering, impressing even the pickiest hard-core fans. His Etsy page contains a gallery of his past projects and is worth looking at even if you aren’t a star wars fan. (

Luke’s career aspiration is to work hard and retire early, as it would allow him to fully focus on things he loves, rather than spread out work and hobbies. Although if he had the opportunity to pursue a political career, he would consider dedicating his time to that instead, as political science has interested him since he took AP Government with Mr. Bolling, who taught him about the intricacies of American politics.

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