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Nathan Stein, Writer

Nathan Stein has always been the type of student who strives for perfection, in fact you probably didn’t need to be told, because why tell you something you already know. But Nathan is much more than elite Oregon running and good grades. Nathan is an embodiment of the mission behind Rogue News: To make a positive substantive contribution to our school. Attracted to Rogue News by the strong sense of community among its staff, Stein remarked that he “Joined in 10th grade and found a home and a great class” in Ms. Hirsh’s Rogue News. Nathan’s favorite food is chicken wings, and it really took him some time to think about something, a bay leaf, that could possibly ruin his precious wings. His struggle to find something that could make him turn down his favorite food is a great example of the positivity and flexibility Nathan brings with him wherever he goes. It should also be noted that if you’re ever thinking of inviting Nathan on a trip south, just don’t. When he travels south it's all business. However when he travels north, well that’s when the fun begins. Nathan is ready to conquer any challenges that may appear in front of him and to continue to “strive for excellence and perfection.” But this year he seems poised to do something much more meaningful. Nathan is having fun, and he is exploring another side of who he is, known as Shmee, the alter ego which enables him to seek out his limits and push them further, sending him into what Jake Taub calls the “Learning Zone.” For now, we all wait and watch with great anticipation for what Nathan, and Shmee, are able to accomplish in this coming year at Ashland High School.

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