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Although she’s moved three times within Ashland, Olivia Schurr was born and raised here. In the early years of her life, she went to Siskiyou Elementary school, grades 1st through 8th. This community-focused school started Olivia’s fun-loving and friendly personality. While attending The Siskiyou School, she remembers having a spring celebration, May Day. Every year they held this celebration, and her favorite part was in the early morning, crown making. She would craft a crown from willow vines and flowers, a beautiful but delicate accessory. The ceremony and being enwreathed with friends brought her much joy.

As a little girl she recalls wishing for a Pegasus, it’s grace and beauty mystifying her. “I was like a stereotypical girl wanting a pony.” Her love of animals starting with her family’s history of Tabby cats. With her thoughts now more focused on her future, she dreams of being a firefighter. She found a love for fire science, studying the way fire moves, how it affects the environment and prevention of fire damage. Of course, she would have her mythical creature of choice, a dragon, beside her the whole way.  

Her high school career started with lights, camera and action! She took some theatre classes that helped her form a talent of improvisation. Her curiosity soon led her to Rogue News, with the help of some recommendations from a few friends of course.  

Some fun facts: She loves the movies “Pride and Prejudice,” “Dunkirk,” “Hunt for Red October,” and “The Rescuers.” She once was in a conference room when a vent cover mysteriously fell from the ceiling. One question remains; did Olivia do it? Those acting classes helped her come up with stories fast, so perhaps we’ll never know. She enjoys going with the guide counsel group on trips to share complex emotions in a safe space. The last one she participated in they went to some hot springs. Her birthday is November 10th, gifts are necessary.  

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Olivia Schurr