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River Michael Collins, an Ashland High School sophomore, is a proud owner of a 2001 BMW e46 m3 and the star bassist of the school’s jazz band. On a typical weekend, he finds himself compelled to clean and maintain his car. He might even, on occasion, wax it. Collins, a self-described “big jazz fan,” got his inspiration to get into music during the pandemic. Not unlike other students who endured online learning, Collins experienced his motivation for school diminish. “I was a straight A student before the pandemic,” he said, “but then I was failing classes.” With all the extra time the pandemic gave him, Collins gained an interest in musicals, like La La Land. Around this time, he also started playing the bass guitar. His newfound passion for music drove him to improve his abilities. At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, Collins joined the AHS jazz band and has since become the supreme leader of the group.

His interest in music extends beyond just his participation in jazz. River is also a proponent of music by Amy Winehouse because she was a very talented singer, and her music always had a personal meaning. He also enjoys the music of Lil’ Nas X. He feels that Lil’ Nas X’s “Sun Goes Down” and other songs have powerful intentions and are
politically influential. This is important for Collins because he is a highly opinionated person. This is what makes him a great writer for the Rogue News.

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River Collins