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Rowan Robison

Among the silence of the Covid-19 quarantine, Rowan Robison, an Ashland High School senior, renewed his passion for the art of music. Born and raised in Ashland Oregon, Robison remembers through his early life, the journey to become a pianist started with just the tapping of random keys. His heightened interest in Music began as the Covid 19 pandemic barred the doors to the social world and closed him in quarantine with nothing more than imagination and .... With nothing but time, Robison began to take an interest in classical piano, learning existing compositions, discovering new composers, and composing his own pieces. Robison became a virtuoso of the piano within a short amount of time. In the transition from summer to the start of Senior year, to experience something new, Robison threw himself into the AHS jazz band. He saw this as a perfect opportunity to continue his creative expression through music and art. Willing to play his part, Robison became the star Vibraphone player of the band, giving the best performances for his peers and audiences. 

Aside from music, Robison loves getting as much time as he can to play sports and do outdoor activities. Robison, being a part of the AHS varsity cross country team loves to run and strives to be one of the greats. When asked about his idols, Robison mentioned his running co-star Nathan Stein, saying he has “nowhere close to his abilities” although it is a common belief that runner Usain Bolt cannot even compete with Robison's senior skills. He states that he is neither man nor God, but merely the basis of quantum mechanics. 

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Rowan Robinson