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Sage Campbell

Sage is a 16-year-old Junior who is secretly ten iguanas in disguise at AHS with a pessimistic worldview who loves to make mischief but still follows the rules and wants to be a therapist when he grows up. He was born in Modesto, California and lived there for 7 years before
moving to Oregon. He has a sister (Candice), a 14-year-old brother (Ryder), a snake (Roofs), a rat (Clonks), and a dalmatian (Ramamdamian). He loves salad, water, Chick-fil-A, iguanas, and
the color purple.
He, like many of us, is excited for the reopening of the Snack Shack promised by student body representatives. He works as a bartender & candle maker and is a skilled pianist. He likes
to walk dogs and says he has no friends only chicks. He is a fluent polyglot, as he speaks French, German, Swedish, Italian, and English. He goes to Hawaii once a month and France twice a month, where his knowing French really helps. He would say he has learned absolutely nothing at AHS.

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Sage Campbell