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Secoya Joaquín, Artist

Ashland High school student Secoya Joaquín is a very fun-going light-hearted person, with no siblings Secoya is an only child. Secoya was born in Beaverton Oregon before shortly moving to California than after moving to multiple spots in Washington Secoya now lives in Ashland Oregon.

with a childhood filled with art and performers Secoya later went on to high school theater, Secoya states that “for me its just fun to be able to play a character”. But not only is Secoya a talented performer but also an impressive artist/animator, in 2020 Secoya won AIFF (Ashland independent film festival) and later in 2021 he went on to participate in the Oregon state thespian festival with his film “little mouse”

Secoya competed against 2 other animators that he considered his rivals during OIFF after winning he enjoys gloating in the rogue news room during his free time as well as creating characters such as el huevo the crime fighting egg.

Secoya is an interesting and fun member of rogue news, with his clever comments and jokes, he fills the room with positive energy, something that helps everyone get through their day.

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Secoya Joaquín