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Toby Barnes, Writer

Since the birth of Toby Barnes occurred, he has enjoyed an array of things like board and lawn games, sports, and hanging out with friends. He balances the things he enjoys with the things he takes more seriously like playing golf and taking business classes. Toby hopes to go into business administration after a 4-year college and join a golf team in the process. When asked what he is most proud of he answered, ā€œIā€™m proud of picking up golf so quickly.ā€ He recently traveled out of the country for the first time this year and hopes to travel to Santorini, Greece and play some golf there. Toby is very outdoor oriented despite his huge fear for snakes. Toby describes his family as adventurous, open minded, extremely accepting, and close knit. His family has had a huge impact on him, especially his dad who has shown him the value of always working hard, which played into him striving to pick up golf. He has also been impacted by two of his best friends, Gus, for his work ethic, and Max who has shown him a desire for fun and spontaneity. All these things have helped him find value in balancing work and fun.

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Toby Barnes