SAT Prep Classes at SOU

SAT Prep Classes at SOU

Attention all students hoping to score well on their SAT’s! In one short month, SOU will be hosting SAT Prep Classes that will be available to all students ages 15 to 18. By attending eight of these helpful sessions, you will strengthen your skills and readiness for when you take the SAT.

“It’s an essential class for any student that wants to do well on the SAT,” Stephanie Butler, the Pre-College Youth Programs Coordinator said. “You will have a plan and a strategy to do your best.” Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm starting on April 10 and ending on May 3. There is a $195 fee included, but you will obtain an amount of knowledge as well as an SAT study guide that is worth the cost.

In these sessions, there will be two teachers, Ken Wright  Jenny Welburn, who will be training you and giving you strategies to control test anxiety, manage time and of course polish off your math and writing skills. Register for the prep classes as soon as possible so you can make the difference you need to earn the score you want on your SAT.

To register for your SAT Prep Classes, call (541) 552-6452 or visit www.sou/youth and click “register.”

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