AHS Track and Field Attracts Scores of Athletes

Earlier this month, 92 athletes went out for the track and field team, the most AHS has ever experienced. Andrew Blocher, a senior who has been on the team for the last two years, said, “Many students are attracted to this sport because not only is it co-ed, which always plays a great factor, but likewise it prepares the athletes for their sports during their off-season and grants them the chance to remain in shape.”

Head coach Hans Voskes has 35 years of experience coaching track and field. He started at Phoenix High, later went to train at SOU, and then ended up coaching the last three years at AHS. The outstanding coaches are the ones who make it possible for all these participants to have the best training. Coach Voskes believes that the numbers increased this year because “There is no separation between the athletes, either by their strength, JV / Varsity, or by gender. They are all the same out on the field- athletes who are striving to exceed.”

Now that the AHS Grizzlies are strong in their numbers, the team will start to prepare for their first meet, April 4, against the Crater High School Comets. The following meet will take place in Medford, and will be a battle between all of the schools in the valley.