Intramural Sports- Dodgeball

Not all students at AHS choose to take advantage of off-campus lunches, and for those who prefer to stick around, intramural sports offer some fun and excitment. Intramural sports are (mostly) non-competitive activities that are offered during lunch every day except for Fridays, and are organized by counselor Steve Smith. This year the sport of choice is dodgeball, a very popular activity among the participating students. Previous years they have had timed rubix cube competitions, very entertaining for onlookers. A library chess tournament just finished up and dodgeball will resume following Spring Break. Intramural sports are a great opportunity for students to let off steam during the long school day and Steve Smith is proud that AHS hosts this opportunity for those individuals that are not interested in the competitive aspect of school sports. Be sure to stop by the gym at lunch to partake in these fun activities from time to time.