Students On The Hunt


Between hundreds of Facebook statuses claiming the need for a job and the constant moans of being broke coming from the students at Ashland High, it seems as though we can come to one conclusion: Ashland High School students are on the job hunt. But with such a beaten down economy and the motivation of a sloth, that job hunt tends to become quite the challenge. Regardless, there do happen to be a handful of places in Ashland that do make great jobs for students. One of the most important aspects of getting a job is getting up off your couch and stepping out into the real world. A lot of businesses like for potential employees to turn in a resume or application face to face to get a taste for who you are, as opposed to who you are on paper.

Some of the more common places for students to work include places such grocery stores. These stores around Ashland include, Shop N’ Kart, Market of Choice and Safeway etc. There is a small group of students at Ashland High School who are employed in such places as these. “It’s a good job, it isn’t glamorous or that fun, but it is nice to have as a highschool student,” says Jenna Santos, employee at Shop N’ Kart and sophomore at Ashland High School. Also in the food industry are such places as Subway. Subway claims to also be open to hiring students and that it is a good place for them to be working.

Ashland Street Cinema is another place in which students are able to snag positions. “I think that it’s a great place for students to work,” claims Char, a staff member at Ashland Street Cinema. “It’s also a really great place for somebody to get their first job.” The Music Coop, located in downtown Ashland, is a popular place for students to work as well. Autumn Henderson-Brazie, worker and freshman at Ashland High School, claims that it is a great job to have and enjoys her time there. “It’s kind of like the mafia, if you’re in, you’re in,” says Autumn, “you become their family.”

Other places around town will hire students as well, these are just to name a few. Most places like for their employees to be at least sixteen or older and some even ask for a minimum of eighteen. Although some places have specific applications, most will require you to turn in a resume. If you are unsure as to how to write a resume there are some links below to assist you.

Once you have dropped of your application or resume, it is a good idea to return to the place you applied for a position at for an update to let them know that you are serious about the position. Although it is good to be persistent, you do not want to be unintentionally annoying or rude, so make sure you do not return too much and do so in a polite manner.