Get Up and Moving


As summer approaches, many high-schoolers have no clue how to spend the excess amount of time that has suddenly been shoved in their faces. Many will lie on the couch all day playing video games or watching TV; others will be catching up on sleep 24/7; and there will be those who will dedicate themselves to eating all day.

If you are an athlete, don’t waste your whole summer on these unproductive activities; instead, seize this opportunity to work on improving your sport. Whether your goals involve breaking a personal record or learning how to become a stronger defense player, the summer is a great time to hone your athletic skills.

If you lack the motivation to train independently, try a sport’s camp. There are an abundance of wonderful summer camps nearby in Oregon. Last year a Nike Waterpolo camp was offered at the SOU pool direct by Genai Kerr, an Olympic medalist. One of the participants, Aubrie Georgevitch said, “I try to find camps where I can learn and where I am able to refine my Waterpolo skills. Although I had to leave my friends for a bit I made the choice to commit and grasp this fantastic opportunity.”

You can get started by looking into a few of the following sports’ camps:

Water polo-




Eugene Oregon UOV-

Corvallis Oregon OSU-


Corvallis Oregon OSU –


Volleyball –

Eugene Oregon UOV-

La Grande Oregon –

Portland, OR –

Corvallis Oregon OSU-

Portland Oregon Club Sport Nike –