Oregon Pathways Program

U of O logoBy Kitty Mularz and Ellia Shelton

Every year, many students don’t consider going to college because they don’t think they can afford it.

Little do they know, there is a program called the University of Oregon’s Pathways Program. Eligible students can get free tuition for four years and possibly free room and board as well.

To be able to qualify for this program, students who come from Oregon high schools must come from families that are in need of financial aid that qualify via FAFSA. In order to qualify for free room and board, students must have a GPA of 3.8 or more who will then go into a pool of candidates for the opportunity.

If you get into the Pathways program, you will have the chance to use an adviser who will offer you support and guidance through your four years in the program. As a University of Oregon student, you will also be able to access the plethora of learning resources the college provides, such as career planning and tutoring in writing, foreign languages and math.

This is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t let pass you by.