Table Tennis Society


Tristan Gavin entered in the intramural ping pong tournament the before winter break. Unfortunately he suffered an honorable defeat and was in the loser’s bracket the whole time. His games may have not gone so well, but his motivation took a turn for the better. Said Gavin,  “I really don’t care too much about winning as long as I get a decent competition and the chance to play.”

Gavin took the serious initiative he thought was missing on the AHS campus after his tournament experience. He consulted with Mr. Hartman,a life-science teacher and table tennis enthusiast, and convinced him into advising his dream: Gavin created the Table Tennis Society of Ashland High school.

“The first society meeting should begin this Wednesday and continue every Wednesday as long as we can keep it maintained.” The main goal of the society is to the foster growth and support for table tennis at AHS and offer a place for enthusiasts to play and share their experiences. Added Gavin, “I’m looking forward to seeing the turnout for the first meeting and I hope I can bring a lot of opportunities to play ping pong at AHS.”

Gavin saw a great deal of competition at his first intramural tournament and now he is hungry for more. “I plan to train hard and once the club gathers enough support, host another tournament where I can destroy all of my opponents,” said Gavin. He hopes that eventually if he finds many serious members that they could potentially enter in club tournaments and possibly become a club team at AHS.

Opportunities are constantly forming around the high school for a wide array interests. Now Gavin has created the chance for ping pong. Anyone can play and it is open for the whole year.

“Come pong it up!” – Tristan Gavin