Drones: Raining Justice from Above

Drones: Raining Justice from Above

Drones are simply the most raw form of a nation’s prowess that can ever be exhibited. Drones are a symbol of  incredibly effective and efficient innovation. Some people could say that drones are a waste of money and a huge liability for the country in terms of accidental killings, but who doesn’t love a flying death machine that can go anywhere?

Even in Pakistan, a place subject to the terror of hell in the sky, some are huge fans of drones. Major General Ghayur Mehmood, the commander of Pakistan’s Seventh Division in North Waziristan said “the drones are awesome.”

Aside from the fact that drones are a liberating force sailing the clouds, drones are largely effective. Annie Lowrey a writer at Foreign Policy said “Drones are the Perfect Tools for Unconventional, Single-Target Warfare.” The flying freedom machines can theoretically target in on any hit anywhere and eliminate them with a high percent of accuracy. Peter Walker of the Guardian said “The US military and CIA regard the drones as invaluable because of their long range and the way they can attack specific buildings even deep within Taliban-dominated areas.”

Every inch of the mechanized aero-warriors is pure success. Although they can account for some accidental casualties, drones have “proof in the results,” says Nathan Hodge at Wired. Drones are the pride and joy of death-machine-enthusiasts. With every accurate strike they make, another point is scored for team USA.

Thor dropped his hammer, but before it hit Earth it turned into drones.

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