Sabina Schilling


Since Sabina Schilling was little, she has been interested in the world of art. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and got her first paint set when she was six years old. Art is Sabina’s favorite subject; painting and collage her preferred forms. Yet, she does many other types of art as well.

Throughout her life, Sabina has used her art to express herself along with using it as an “outlet” for her emotions. Today, she carries around with her a sketchbook so that when she is bored, she can do some form of artwork. This sketchbook also allows Sabina many extra hours of practice. Sabina also believes that for one to be good at art, they need to practice it every day and put time into the effort.

Sabina does many types and forms of art, and most of her work contains either plenty of color or is rendered completely in pencil. One of her current favorite art forms is the simple contour drawing, which consists of only one continuous line.

Art is a hobby that both of Sabina’s parents support her on pursuing. Her dad has a background in art. When he went to school, he went to art school and is now into photography.

To Sabina, her art is a form of homework, but is also enjoyable and worth her time. When she becomes emotionally absorbed with her art, she will finish and realize hours have passed since she has started. However, there are those times when she isn’t quite as involved; she feels like that time passes by really slowly.

For her post high school plans, Sabina hopes to attend art school and pursue a career in art.