Marley Fuller

Marley Fuller

For Marley Fuller, an Arizona born senior, art is a way of life. “I’ve been doing art practically since I could hold a pencil,” she says.

While making her art, Fuller likes to listen to music or talks with friends. “It helps me occupy my mind.” Fuller listens to all types of music, except Opera, country and screamo.

Fuller doesn’t particularly focus on painting or drawing, she prefers to do more hands on art, like woodworking or stained glass.


Although she has been an artist for life, it wasn’t until she took part in John Weston’s stained glass class, that she fully realized her potential. Still, it took some time for her to transition into this style. Beforehand, she mainly focused on ‘arts and crafts’ type art. She didn’t fit well and she wasn’t interested in this new art and often skipped class. What finally drew her in and captured her in this kind of art was her final assignment, a lamp. By the time she finished, she was completely devoted.


Over the years, she has produced incredible pieces of art that make you imagine the effort it must have taken to create such beauty. Fuller said, “It doesn’t take me very long to make my art. If I were to make a stained glass lamp, it would only take me about two to three weeks, working one period every other day. Pennants however, take much less time to make. I once made a table with a stained glass top. That took up an entire semester.”


It is clear to anyone who observes her art that it is time superbly well spent. Fuller, and a handful of other students from AHS will be showcasing their art at the Ashland Artworks Gallery on Oak street this March 1st during the First Friday Art Walk. “It’s really good to see your art being showcased. Its even better when you get sales,” Marley said. Unfortunately, not many students at AHS showcase their Art for this event. Fuller would love for people to send their artwork to Mr. Weston so that AHS can be better represented.

As an experienced artist and Senior, Marley had wisdom to impart onto new and aspiring artists: “If you’re an aspiring artist, stick with it. It’s high school and it’s free. You could be getting the same art education at college, and be paying thousands.”