Angelique Brownlie


Angelique shows off her artwork (Photo by Sara Shaw)

As soon as she could hold a pencil, Angelique was drawing and painting. She enrolled in the notoriously artistic Siskiyou School. She learned many different techniques and found a love of art. Brownlie decided to get serious with painting after her wonderful experience at school and help from her mother, a fellow artist.

She is currently at Ashland High School and mostly creates her works during class with Mr. Schonleber, but also paints and sketches at her own personal home studio. While painting she enjoys to listen to up tempo songs; they help her focus and keep a rhythm. To make sure she gets every little thought down she puts them in a sketch book she carries around. Right now her favorite medium is oil or graphite (charcoal). She likes these two forms because of the way one can manipulate and rework them. “They’re not ever fully done; one can always try new things on them.” Working on canvas not only gives her a more official and professional air, but is better for more important paintings, so she need not worry about the paintings during transport being bent. However, for those rough sketches and ideas, she can quickly put it on just a regular page, which is useful.

Although she can draw almost anything, she prefers to draw people. Faces and bodies are the most fun because of their curves and texture. Presently she is working on her first ever series of paintings called “Grace Glides on Blistered Feet,” a quote by Alice Adams. The first is a self portrait, then there are many different types of shoes: cowboy, point (ballet shoes), high heels, Indian dance, hip-hop, and bare feet. She is planning to include eight in total. So far during Brownlie’s  art career she has created thirty quality pieces, at just eighteen.