Lovely Month of May Movies


May 2013 has a full venue this year, many awaited sequels and many not so awaited…

Here is the lineup:

May 3rd- Iron Man 3

May 10th- The Great Gatsby

May 17th- Star Trek Into Darkness

May 24th- Epic, Fast and Furious 6, The Hangover Part 3

May 31st- Now You See Me


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Iron Man 3 has high potential- hey as long as Robert Downey Jr. is still Tony Stark it will probably be great. The worst mistake a film franchise can make when filming their series is changing the actors up on the audience.

The Great Gatsby is a classic book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the 1920’s. Baz Luhrmann has taken on the challenge of this movie, and there are high expectations because of his past hits, (well, you either love them or hate them) Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge. We will have to wait on that one to see if it actually turns out good…

STAR TREK! J.J. Abrams has once again taken on the next Star Trek movie. He is famous for Super 8 as well, and apparently he is in pre-production of Star Wars Episode VII… In my opinion his first Star Trek was great- the characters are so similar looking to the original cast. High hopes and high expectations!

May 24th is going to be a busy day at the theaters. 3 popular movies are coming out- all three of them are completely different from one another. Epic has looked good to me since I saw the little people riding hummingbirds and talking slugs. If you have family, that is a sure fire movie to see. I already know the art in it is beautiful from just the commercials. It’s the story line I am a little worried about…

Fast and Furious 6– are you sure there has only been six? It seems like there is more like 20 by now. Hey if you like the Fast and Furious series, then good for you, but the first ones will always be the best. It doesn’t matter how many more they make in the series. First is always best.

The Hangover Part 3. Now what mess will they get into this time? The first movie was so entertaining, quoted all through 2009. The Hangover Part 2 was pushing it a little. I mean, how could these men get into the same sort of mess? Just because they changed the location and the people that got messed up does not mean they can make a sequel, let alone make this a trilogy! Thankfully in the preview contains three key words – “the epic CONCLUSION”!

Alright, I put Now You See Me on this list because it could be really good or really bad. One hint of it being bad is it gave away a lot of the good parts in the preview- usually that is a sign of it being not as great as it looks. I hope I am wrong though…

Happy movie watching!