Mark Schonleber: A Difficult Farewell.


There isn’t a single student at our school who hasn’t been impacted by the presence and reassuring words of Art teacher and Fresh Start director Mark Schonleber. For the past 30 years, he has helped thousands of children develop their art skills. He also worked in the theatre designing and building sets. He taught the History of Rock and Roll class for 12 years. So many great artists and students in other creative fields have emerged because of his teachings.  This year at AHS is his last and the school will not be the same without him.

In 1995, Mark started a small program that grew into Fresh Start.  “Fresh start has helped me as much as the kids. It’s given me confidence and purpose.” Mark will continue running fresh start alongside Mrs French and Mr. Chase. The new AHS co-presidents want to make more Fresh Start kinds of events. Mark says he plans to help out on those events, possibly as a consultant.

Once retired, he plans to go traveling abroad , run some businesses in Ashland and do more Fresh start Events. As a final wish, he wants to see the school still functioning well and people working together. It will be hard to say goodbye to Mark but, hopefully, we can use the skills and advice he taught us to get over this difficult farewell.