Things to do this summer

Things to do this summer

Summer: Things To Do in Ashland

    During the months of May and June on the Ashland High School campus, the anticipation of summer is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. The last day of school is so liberating, but after about a week and a half, most teens resort to laying on the couch, in the air-conditioning, on their phones. People -especially teenagers- get so worked up about the idea of summer, that they actually forget to plan what they’re going to do. You can only watch so many reruns of Grey’s Anatomy every afternoon. So, here are some ideas to keep you and your friends active during the school-free months.

1. Visit the Green Show: Every day, before the world-renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival puts on a play, there is a small 30 minute to 1 hour performance on the lawn in front of the theatre. These shows are a great source of entertainment to all ages, they range from mariachi bands, to dancers from the community. The best part is, it’s free!

2. First Friday: This is a great way to see the community, and the talent it has. More than 36 small art galleries are open from 5-8PM every first Friday of each month, so local artists can display their masterpieces. This activity is also free!

3. Go out for brunch with a friend: Gossipping over a hot cup of coffee with a friend, at a local cafe is a great way to relax. Ashland has so many fine-dining opportunities, most of which aren’t too pricey for a high school student.

4. Workout at the Y: The Ashland YMCA is frequently visited by students, but over the summer, people seem to forget it exists. It’s open 5AM-10PM Monday-Friday, 7AM-7PM on Saturday, and 8AM-7PM on Sundays. This is an excellent way to get the beach bod you want. You could even sign up for a Zumba class.

5. Emigrant Lake: Many people hit the highly-accessible lake as a way to cool off and hang out.

6. Visit the Grower’s Market: A hotspot for high school students during lunch, the Grower’s Market runs throughout the summer. It has a variety of selections of snack, and cool trinkets. It goes from 9AM-1PM.

7. Volunteer around the community: Do you have your 100 hours of community service already done? Most students don’t. While you are idling your precious summer away on your phone, you could be out in the community volunteering, and getting some community service hours out of the way. Common places to volunteer/work: Ashland Public Library, Ashland Emergency Food Bank, ScienceWorks, and Friends of the Animal Shelter.