Clubs at AHS


Clubs are starting here at Ashland High School, and since they vary greatly, there’s bound to be one for everybody.There are more fun clubs such as Board Game Club, where you can hang out with friends and play competitive games like Pandemic, Munchkin and even the classic chess. There are also more serious clubs like Math Honors Society which is open to Juniors and Seniors who are interested in arithmetic (math teachers nominate students for this club). Wherever your interests lie there is a club out there for everyone. As of right now these are a few clubs that have started already or are starting soon:

Global Citizens Corps (GCC)-Wednesdays during lunch – H-36

Harry Potter Club -Tuesdays during lunch- 205

Feminist/Gender Equality- Tuesdays during lunch H-28

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) -Thursdays during lunch H-15

Board Game Club- after school on the second white day SC-2

Math Honor Society- Next thursday Ms Anderson room

Esoteric Word Smiths- Every Thursday outside Mr. Lebo’s room

Table Tennis Society- Every Wednesday Above the gym (where the ping pong tables are)

Key Club- Monday’s Room 211

As the year goes on there are many other clubs that will start and new clubs that will be created, so keep a lookout for a club that interests you.