AHS Speech and Debate Tournament


Today, November 15, AHS is hosting a State Speech and Debate tournament. Fifteen schools and hundreds of students will be competing in Public Forum (rehearsed speeches arguing for or against a subject), Parliamentary (an impromptu style in which you find out the topic where you get there), and Lincoln-Douglas (a single person team, with themes delving into philosophy and morality). Several students at the school will be competing in these competitions and will be expected to win due to their previous track record of victories.

On Saturday, there will be a speech tournament. These same students will be presenting their compositions to an array of judges in hopes to come out victorious over other students who have also diligently worked on their speeches. They will be presenting poetries (a reading of several poems with a shared theme), a radio (a short interesting speech similar to something heard on the radio), prose (an excerpt from a novel, with powerful words or meaning), an oratory (a long important speech to convey an opinion of a prominent issue in our society or culture) and other kinds of speeches.

The AHS speech and Debate team has performed superbly over the last several tournaments and is expected to do the same on their home turf.

[heading bg=”#ffffff” color=”#222222″]RESULTS[/heading]

Hesperus di Properzio — 3rd place, novice poetry
Lana Schultzetenberg — 2nd place, novice poetry
Cass Anderson — 1st place, open poetry
Percy Holtzman — 2nd place, novice oratory/ 2nd place, novice radio
Ryan Brown — 1st place, novice oratory
Brielle Preskenis — 3rd place, open oratory
John Ropp — 2nd place novice AND OPEN ADS!
Joseph Pilgrim Yaconelli — 1st place, novice AND OPEN ADS! (This was his first tournament ever!)
Henry Mercer — 2nd place, novice DI
Scotty Gordon — 1st place, novice DI
Anna Wertheiser — FInalist, Open Prose
Rob Stallman — 2nd place, novice Impromptu
Brielle Preskenis — 1st place, Open Impromptu
Amy Laws — 2nd place, Open Expos

Amy Laws/ Cass Anderson — 3rd place, Open PF
Gracia Dodds/ Kleya Dhenin — 3rd place, Novice Policy
Rob Stallman/ Grady Killeen — 1st place, Open Policy
Brayden Preskenis/ Percy Holtzman — 2nd Place, Novice Parli
John Ropp/ Ryan Brown — 1st place, Novice Parli/ 2ND PLACE OPEN PARLI!
Brielle Preskenis/ Fielding Picton — 1st place Open Parli
Gillian Mullane — 3rd Place Open LD
Noah Falkner — 3rd Place Open LD
Anna Epstein/ Sarah Richmond — 3rd Place, Novice Public Forum
Lana Schultzetenberg/ Henry Mercer — 2nd place, Novice Public Forum