Best Places to Sled


Winter weather is rolling in quickly! Holiday break should be full of activities; sledding is one of the many exhilarating things to do. Sledding can get boring if you are doing it on an icy driveway or street. So where are the best places to sled?

If it’s closed, Mount Ashland is great for sledding. The mountain has many steep and slippery slopes. Although going to Mt. Ashland calls for hiking up the hills because the ski lifts won’t be running, it’s worth it. It’s not crowded, so there is plenty of room to take as many slides as one wants. Make sure to go up there when it’s closed so that skiers and snowboarders don’t run you over! While driving up to Mt. Ashland, you’ll find many informal sledding areas with dips and curves. These are located on the Access Road.

The steepest and longest hill for sledding in the area is called Table Mountain. It’s located up Dead Indian Memorial Road and is near Hyatt Lake. This sledding area is very popular and is a great place for families.

Similar to sledding, tubing is offered at the Mount Hood Ski Bowl. Large black tubes are provided when you arrive. There are many different slopes, so you can choose your own level of difficulty. You have the choice between the “family and toddler” slopes or the “upper and extreme” slopes. Tubing is available on Saturdays, Sundays and the Holidays depending on the weather. For a two hour session, it costs $13, and for a full day $20.