Wandering around Ashland High School, one sees a lot of dark, scary places. Unlike the quad, these sites are not inhabited at all. No one would ever go into these dark places. AHS is on a mission to bring light to those gloomy domains by creating and spreading art that a chosen few will make. In order to sustain the light in these places, AHS has chosen to place murals in all the domains and will be creating new ones each year.

In the years before, two of the chosen ones, going by the names Joy Harphan and Djaruna Smith, were working on a masterpiece. Due to their inability to be here for a longer period of time, they were forced to cut their huge mural short. They drew a small sketch of it on a regular blank slip of paper that hangs in Ms. Zundel’s office. However, Ms. Zundel is looking for new champions to take on such a huge project and finish what the other two have started. Who could these new champions be? We don’t know yet. We are still playing the waiting game.

Sam Gostnell, the head artist, is still recruiting a team to traverse into these chasms. Once found, they must decide on a mural design that is suitable for each location. This includes colors, the size of the mural, where to place it, how long they have to create it and how detailed it is. Sam Scharf has determined Gostnell as the most qualified senior for this project, but it is up to Gostnell to hand pick his own team. As a senior, this will be his last contribution to the school and will take form as his senior project. Gostnell can’t spread this light for years to come, he must move on and therefore needs a new artistic pro to take over his position as the most qualified artist for this campaign.

Once we make AHS a divine land of color and paint, AHS art program must take on a much bigger plan, spreading the light of the divine campus across the darkness of the town. They must get it clear from the Ashland city council to put these icon’s, these murals, across the dark abyss of Ashland. Brighten the town up more and get young, inspiring artists out there so people can see their work. One step at a time though, we still need to spread the light across our own school before trying to take on the town as a whole. Hopefully in the near future though we will witness one of the biggest moments in our school’s history and the town’s history.

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