4 Greatest Things That Happened At Prom

4 Greatest Things That Happened At Prom

1. Prom King

Five boys stand in a not so straight line on stage. Nick Chouard asks for a drumroll and the sound is deafening. He announces the boys first. Noah Yaconelli, Ivan Carrier, Cole Harding, Mason Montgomery and Sam Gostnell await for the results like the contestants of America’s Next Top Model. And the name comes out. The girls start screaming because the Ken to everyone’s Barbie was chosen. Cole Harding, star of the water polo and swim teams and the boy who has stolen everyone’s hearts has won.

2. Prom Queen   

To the right of the boys stand five senior girls. They’re holding hands and breathing heavily because Prom Queen is something you tell your kids about. Prom Queen is what you put on your resumé when you apply for your job at Taco Bell. The drumroll erupts through the crowd again and Chouard announces the name. The winner limps up to the front of the stage and takes her rightful place next to Cole Harding. The winner is another water polo player and also a basketball star. Sadie Kasiah’s healing ACL does not stop her from looking beautiful and winning.

3. Football Star? More like Teen Pop Star.

The music goes quiet and suddenly everyone notices the piano on the stage. And there, sitting on the bench is the boy who took his football team to the Semi-Finals undefeated. The group of dance goers know he’s a killer piano player, but no one really knows that he has the voice of an angel, until he begins to sing. But right before, he dedicated the song to his lucky date. The girl that many wish to be. And then, he opens his mouth. The couples slide together like magnets and everyone slow dances to All of Me by John Legend, covered by Danial White.

4. Nate Pop Lock and Drop It Carver

The infamous Nate Carver is at every dance. And this dance, like many others, he performed for the lucky people who got an inside spot in the circle Nate formed. His moves make his body seem like it has no bones and his eye contact makes it even more intense. After a little hip hop Nate closed the circle and it was a normal dance again.