Top 3 Best Trails of Ashland


Ashland is the hidden jewel of Southern Oregon. People who live here know all about the Shakespeare Festival, the downtown liveliness of First Fridays, the Green Shows, and the other attractions that draw in tourists from all over the country. Residents must also know about the plethora of hidden hikes and trails scattered all around town. If they don’t know this, they’re not doing living in Ashland right.

Bandersnatch Trail


For those resident who have neglected using the outdoor benefits of Ashland living, here’s a list of the top 3 trails in Ashland, along with other notable hikes.

Wild Indian Paintbrush on Bandersnatch

1. Alice in Wonderland Trails

The Alice in Wonderland Trails are a series of trails named after Alice in Wonderland; The Alice in Wonderland Trail, The Caterpillar Trail, White Rabbit Trail, The Queen of Hearts, Looking Glass Trail and The Bandersnatch Trail. These gorgeous hikes take you through an entangled manzanita and madrone tunnel, and provide an array of wildflowers and stunning views of the valley. These trails are located just above Lithia Park.

2, Oredson Todd Trails

Located on the south side of town are the Oredson Todd Trails. These tranquil trails are sheltered by a canopy of trees and lead to a small waterfall pool; a nice destination to cool off in on a hot day. Oredson Todd is located on the south end of town, at the top of Park street. If you hike high enough, Oredson Todd eventually connects to all of the Alice and Wonderland Trails via White Rabbit.

3. Toothpick Trail

Toothpick is a steep, windy trail tucked away in the deep woods. Just under a 2-mile round trip, the hike’s destination is a cluster of large boulders which border a spectacular view of the valley. The trailhead can be found at the top of Tolman Creek street.

Not Really Hikes, but Still Notable

  • Ashland Boulders (Acid Castles)

View of Ashland from the top of the boulders

If you’re not much of a big hiker, but still like to indulge in fantastic views, Ashland Boulders, or better known as Acid Castles, is just the hike for you. But make sure to wear sensible shoes- although the trail is not so long, it is pretty steep. This trail is not for those deathly allergic to poison oak. All obstacles aside, many would say the view is worth the trip.

Ashland Fairy Ponds
  • The Fairy Ponds

One of Ashland’s best kept secret is the Fairy Ponds. Untouched by the thousands of tourists that pour into town throughout the year, the Fairy Ponds are gorgeous pools tucked away in the forest. The ponds are seasonal, and are deepest in spring and early summer, when the snow melt from Mt. Ashland fills the rock beds; unfortunately this years ponds may not be as magnificent as usual due to the lack of snowfall. The pools are located just past the reservoir, off of Granite street.

The city of Ashland has many pretty fantastic hidden places known only by locals- these are just a few. Now that you’ve been introduced to some pretty fantastic places, go check them out!