Look around your classroom, you’ll see them dotted around on desks.  They come out most often in the mornings, first period sometimes stretching into second.  It’s the humble thermos.  Some serve as only a water bottle, maybe one full of tea here or there.  the size, shape, and style vary wildly from person to person.  Some rise up tall and skinny, perfect for a drink;  others sit squat and feature built in spoons to ladle up a hearty soup.  No matter the look of it, one still rises highest:  The Hydroflask.

Designed in Bend, Oregon, the venerable Hydroflask commands the thermos field.  The variants of Hydroflasks are all made from 18/8 stainless steel and are double-wall vacuum insulated.  To cap it off, a selection of lids are available varying from a flip tops for coffee or tea, to a small twist off for unrestricted flow of liquid.

Due to Ashland’s close proximity to Bend, and the range of outdoor specific stores in town, the high school has been undergoing an influx of Hydroflasks.  As more and more students fall under the wing of the Hydroflask empire the Rogue News’ own broadcasters, Cass Anderson and Joseph Yaconelli, set out to find what students really think.

UPDATE:  The footage was deleted.  So, if you’re a visitor to The Rogue News, move along.  Or enjoy the info graphic below.