Lilli Patton’s Summer Plans


On June 20, Lilli Patton, a sophomore at Ashland High School, will be traveling to Toronto, Canada. This isn’t your normal vacation; Lilli will be working as a waitress and as a lifeguard at a camp in Canada called the Iron City Fishing Club (ICFC).

“My mom worked there when she was my age, and this summer my older sister Katie and I will go. We work there every other summer.” Says Lilli. Two summers ago, Lilli attended ICFC with her family. They went fishing, played casual games of baseball and watched the sunset over the lake.

This summer, Lilli and her sister will be along the Georgian Bay, and will stay in a cabin with some other staff members. The Patton sisters don’t have to worry about any living or meal expenses, and they get paid for working. Lilli took a demanding lifeguarding class over spring break and received her lifeguarding license. She’ll be lifeguarding at the Georgian Bay, which is connected to Lake Huron. The camp is like a resort because it welcomes all ages, and some families come together.

Lilli and Katie will be there until the very end of summer. “My favorite part is reconnecting with friends I’ve made over the years. I’m busy while I’m there because I’ll be lifeguarding or waitressing in the dining hall. On my off time I play tennis, swim, boat/canoe, rock jump, sunbath. Stuff like that!” Says Lilli. ICFC host many annual meetings throughout the summer to stay organized and efficient. Although Lilli will miss Ashland and her friends and family back home, the Iron City Fishing Club is a great experience, full of activities, and a lot of fun.