McKinnon the Grey?


Two years ago at the Ashland High School Christmas assembly we had a very special guest. It wasn’t Santa, it was Gandalf The Grey! For students who were there, didn’t you think he has an uncanny resemblance to our very own, Mr. McKinnon? So the big question is: Is Mr. McKinnon actually Gandalf? When some of his fellow teachers were asked their responses were:

“Yes, Mr. Mckinnon is the wizard of American Government.” – Mr. Huard.

Ms. Hafner said “Without a doubt.”

But When Mr. Miller was asked he said “No, But I think he’s the 3rd cousin once removed on the moms side.” Mr. McKinnon was also interviewed, not knowing why, and was asked if he had any qualities that Gandalf had.



So in conclusion he isn’t Gandalf; He is actually the most powerful wizard of all time, even more powerful than Gandalf the Grey. He is McKinnon the Grey of Government.