New Installations at Ashland High School


New Installations at Ashland High School

For years, students at Ashland High School have been complaining about the lack of water resources on campus, finally their pleas have been heard. On three different locations around campus there are now designated places students can go to refill their water bottles, as well as drink water. Where did this idea arise from? Students here at the school!

Last year, many of the students were complaining to school staff that there was nowhere for them to fill their water bottles. School staff and the student senate sat down to discuss the growing problem. The idea for the refill station came from a student. It was thought that if there were places for students to fill water bottles, the problem would be solved and so it was!

Thanks to class funds, money that leadership made, and a large donation of nearly $5000 to the school from the class of 1964,  the water bottle stations were put in. “The student senate is the entity, the governing body of how the money is spent, and when they heard their peers needs, they leapt at the opportunity to put the money toward building new water fountains and adding the refill stations,”  Principal Zundel stated.

Over the summer, the stations were installed to ensure they would be ready for the coming school year. Now that the year has started, the stations are constantly in use, with long lines trailing out behind them. As well as making water easier to access on campus, the water bottle refill stations are great for the environment. Each time a station is used, it reduces the use of  plastic water bottles.The stations have a tally of the amount of plastic water bottles that have not been used. As of now, the tally is over 2,500 plastic water bottles.

Students and staff alike agree that the water bottle refill stations have been hugely beneficial to life on campus.

“I think they’re funny-looking but cool. I use them a lot.  I think  they’re pretty useful.” -Cloe Sutherland

“I love them! I think they’re beneficial and that a lot of people use them. Almost everyone who has a water bottle uses them on a regular basis. I think they really contribute to making things easier at school. I really think it was worth the money spent on it.” -Dexter Reid

Students continue to use the stations on a daily basis and plan to use them throughout the rest of their high school years.

“I don’t think as of now that they’ve made a huge difference, but a little goes a long way, and that’s where I see this going.” – Zundel