Gaming Scholarship

Gaming Scholarship

Parents have always told their children to do what they want to do. Some kids are gifted athletes, some can get A’s on math tests with ease and some are the most popular kids in school. Then there are the kids who can get a high score on an arcade machine or never lose a Pokemon battle. Colleges are starting to notice the kids who can pick up  controllers  and beat their opponent.


Gaming is a foreign concept to many and the majority of the American population are still hesitant about letting it in. Gaming has made it’s strides though.

In video design and storytelling. No one ever considered it a sport and more of a competition like chess or checkers. Gaming can not be ignored, it is a growing hit and is now has teams, practices and championships. Prizes include a free trip to Seoul, South Korea and a one million dollar reward.


Robert Morris University is the first to hand out scholarships for those who want a career in professional gaming. This is  the only college or university to offer gaming scholarships. Colleges such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ITT Technical Institute offer game design classes. This is the first time  that someone has acquired a sports scholarship in gaming and by the look of it, this could be an alternative way to get a college degree.


Universities handing out scholarships in gaming may bring up controversy from those who view gaming as a way to kill brain cells. Sadly only the best of the best get these genuinely special and incredibly rare scholarships. Gaming is viewed as an Esports, but the president of ESPN views gaming as a “competition, not a real sport” so professional video gaming will not be covered by ESPN now or in the future.

These schools accept applications for those who want to become a professional gamer. These goals can be achieved like most others with hard work, dedication and practice.