Adara Lanning


Adara Lanning is a senior at Ashland High School. Not only that, but she is an artist; not the sort of artist who uses paint brushes or pencils, but cloth and a sewing machine. Adara Lanning is a costume designer, and she is up for hire.

“I get most of my work through meeting people at other jobs that I work at.” explains Lanning in the noisy school cafeteria. She is wearing a floral button-up with a light jacket and a long necklace with a rock dangling from it. A multicolored umbrella rests against her seat.

Lanning has done several small costume jobs all around town, making just about anything. “I specialize in the Victorian sort of theme. You know, corsets, hoopskirts, those sort of things.”

The most current project that Lanning was working on was an outfit for a steampunk themed bridal shower. Since there was a deadline, she purchased the corsets from a company called Ali Baba Corsets. “Some parts the costumes can take too long to make so I will just buy them.” She explains.

Lanning is also extremely skilled with the duct tape. She has constructed several costumes and useful supplies out of it including, a full size Roman battle armor costume.

When asked if this is what she would like to do when she graduates, Lanning replied “No, I either want to become a nurse or an engineer. I really enjoy [costuming], but it’s not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.”

If one were in need of a costume designer, contact  Adara Lanning at: [email protected]IMG_1652