Happy Birthday Mrs. Anderson!


Photo Credits: Allison French Mrs. Anderson and Ms. Watson at Fresh Start

Sarah Bestor

To Whom it May Concern,

I have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Anderson as my teacher and coach for the past four years. Anderson is one of the teachers who every person on campus knows, whether it is for her phenomenal teaching skills, her ability to participate wildly in every spirit day or the plethora of extracurricular activities she advises. Anderson teaches Honors Geometry, Algebra I and AP Calculus putting smiles on her students’ faces everyday. Not only does she teach all of those classes, but she also coaches the math team and is the advisor for Mu Alpha Theta a club devoted to math.

Mrs. Anderson spurred my passion for math with her spirit. She makes math cool. She shows students that math can be fun through song, games and constant innovation with new ways to get lessons across to students. Anderson can connect with students who struggle in math and with students who excel, she has created quite a name for herself at Ashland High School.

Examples of her caring can be seen across campus in students moving onto their next math level class or going to college to study math. Mrs. Anderson checks in with students and gives each student constant chances to succeed. There is a certain feeling that I get when I step into third period calculus: an overwhelming wave of positivity encompasses me, her classroom feels like home. Followed by the knowledge that I will be learning something incredible that day. Mrs. Anderson has truly created a safe place in a time where students lives can be difficult. AP Calculus is a family and Mrs. Anderson is our mom.


Sarah Bestor