Student Artwork: Part 1


Barritt Reynolds, more commonly known as “Bee”, is a freshman at Ashland High School who has a passion for sketching. Not only is drawing her favorite hobby, but it is also a stress reliever and often helps her clear her head of everyday worries. Bee is inspired by the people in her life and illustrates astoundingly realistic-looking portraits of her closest friends.

Barritt, in many ways, tries to capture the essence of her friends and family through her drawings. “One of my favorite parts about drawing people I know is that afterwards, I feel like I kind of see them in a different way.” Barritt appreciates the sublime beauty of representation and finds something remarkable in each piece of artwork she creates. “[Drawing] is something that’s free and away from ego,” she said, “It’s special to me.”

Though Bee does not plan on pursuing drawing as a career, she does intend to always keep art a part of her life. “I think my favorite thing about art is that it’s unique to you, and there’s no right way to do it.” She grinned, “I feel like whatever I draw, even if it’s not perfect or it doesn’t look exactly how you wanted it to look, it still is art.”